Crvvcks- Only When the Night Falls (Single Review)

Crvvcks (pronounced Crooks) is a rising electronic producer from the UK who has been on the circuit for several years and has proven himself to be a serious talent. His productions have covered a wide variety of genres and it’s this versatility that makes him stand out from the crowd.

Over the years, Crvvcks has been championed by the likes of Scott Mills and Mistajam on Radio 1, dance legend Pete Tong, and last year saw him accumulate over four million streams on Spotify.

His most recent offering “Only When the Night Falls,” sees Crvvcks creating a track with an element of breakbeat and drum and bass within the production, mixed with the almost haunting vocals from the vocalist Camden Cox that make this a song you will keep coming back to.

My only slight complaint is that I wish the vocals would have been taken up a notch, either in terms of power or register nearer the end of the song. In my mind, this could have added extra intensity to the lyrics and help really enhance and drive home the production to create an epic finale, as well as just generally mixing the track up a bit more. However, as a whole, this track is a winner; with stellar, crisp production mixed with the smooth vocals. It’s great to see Crvvcks try his hand at something a little different and makes me excited to see what else he has in store for us.

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By Jack Shephard

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