Release Review: Cilla Raie - Motives

Rising R&B starlet Cilla Raie has just dropped her latest single “Motives” and is getting a lot of traction from it. The single has been promoted by a number of high profile publications and platforms including Link Up Tv, New Wave Magazine and even played on BBC 1Xtra by DJ Ace. The video was officially premiered by Wonderland Magazine.

After hearing the track and seeing the visuals it’s not hard to see why Cilla is getting a lot of love thrown her way.

“Motives” really grabs your attention from the start with its thumping bassline and experimental production. Cilla’s vocals softly glide over the beat and makes for a good contrast with the production without it seeming out of place in any way. Altogether both the beat and vocals go well together in creating a sexy, nostalgic throwback jam that lovers of the 90s era will rejoice in, but with a modern flare that makes it also current for today’s music climate; it has the best of both worlds.

However, even though both the vocals and production work as a whole, there could have been a break in the song where Cilla could have really got her vocals to let rip and show her full potential. This is what I personally feel was missing from the track. It could have added an extra layer and dimension to the song with that extra raw emotion, and really make the listeners take note.

The visuals are also very clean and contains many cuts where Cilla is chilling on the steps with a group of her friends outside her house, which has become somewhat of a staple in popular R&B and Hip-Hop videos in America, and it’s great to see a Londoner take that on and give a nod to that era without it seeming cheesy.

This is a very strong release from Cilla and it’s clear to see why many have her on their radar at the moment. Hopefully, she can keep the momentum going throughout the year and put her vocals on display in the future.

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By Jack Shephard

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