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New kid on the block, Finn Askew, shared his fresh new single “Same Old Love” alongside the announcement of his eagerly anticipated debut EP Peach, due out early in the new year.

Hotly tipped as one of the acts to watch in 2021, Finn has delivered yet another indie-pop cracker to cheer us all up just in time for Christmas, confirming exactly why he is set for greatness.

At the tender age of 19, the youngster oozes creative flare, combining sprightly energy with an honest sensibility and self-awareness that feels wiser beyond his years.

“Same Old Love” follows the success of his playful and grungy single “Peach” (which shares the title of his forthcoming EP), and is only his third solo release - making his critical acclaim all the more impressive. The track is a subtle display of the songwriter’s gifts as a musician and producer, interlinking silky guitar licks with sensitive and soulful synths over a dynamic and buoyant mid-tempo groove. Cutting through the mix is the distinctive husk and gravel of Finn’s vocal that has become a key component of the up-and-comer’s unique brand of DIY indie-pop. That’s not all he has in the bag though, showcasing his vocal skills with some seamless falsetto jumps sprinkled throughout the track.

Despite the seemingly breezy vibes of the song, lyrically the track has much gloomier undertones, centring around the sting and emotional angst of young love and heartbreak.

Discussing the musical and lyrical contrast of the track Askew said:

""Same Old Love" is super unique I feel, it experiments with a lot of sounds. I love the fact that the overall sound of the song is happy but the meaning is actually pretty sad a kinda audio oxymoron."

Hailing from a sleepy market town in Somerset with no real music scene for him to draw from and develop within, Askew has defied the odds for success. Nowadays though, when there is no physical community nearby, there is always a digital community to take its place, and like many other successful emerging artists, Finn has utilised the digital world to hone his skills and develop his sound.

Growing up on his parents' CD collection (Wow! CDs, remember those) consisting of Nirvana, The Smiths, and The Beach Boys, Finn started his deep dive into the musical spectrum, picking-up influence in the likes of Frank Ocean and Travis Scott along the way. The songwriter’s eclectic mix of tastes has resulted in a delicious cocktail of addictive genres and melodies.

Being a Gen Z DIY artist, Finn’s creative hub is his home studio, where he cooks up his concoctions, developing and tweaking his productions to create his refreshing and unique brand of music which bridges generations and genres.

Talking about his upcoming debut EP, Finn said that he “wanted to create an EP that showed how creative I really am. I’m a kid from a small countryside town where there is no music scene at all but I’ve had so many musical influences from my mad diverse music taste. It’s been sick having no one to tell me what direction to take, I’ve just been left to my own devices and I'm beyond thankful for that, it’s why my sound is so real. I wanted this EP to really capture me as an artist and what I can do. I can’t be put into one genre and that's the beauty of it."

Peach is due for release on the 22nd of January with a tracklist yet to be unveiled. It’s shaping up to be an exciting year for the young songwriter and we will be keeping a close eye on his progress.

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By Darren Hay

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