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In his early twenties, Jvck is already cementing himself as one of the most promising R&B artists to come out of the UK for quite some time. He has been able to carve out his own lane in the scene by creating a blend of the 90s sound with a modern day twist which has able to resonate with his fans. He has supported fellow R&B breakout stars Mahalia and Ella Mai on tour and is managed by Insanity Group, home to a host of electronic artists including Wilkinson and Friction; it wouldn’t be surprising if we heard his crooning vocals glide over a dance floor anthem sometime in the near future, which could open him up to a whole new audience.

His new single “No Drama” is an obvious homage to the 90s, with the sound, aesthetic and tone of the record perfectly encapsulating the era without it sounding forced. Jvck is evidently influenced by that time, and has executed the sound and made it fit for a modern audience without losing the essence of what made the 90s great. The video itself is Jvck showing off to the audience with his effortless “swagger” - for lack of a better term - with the choreography and looks.

I would normally try and give some constructive criticism but this song has been on repeat since I first heard it and I can’t think of anything; I love his tone and vocal delivery, as well as the production being on point. I believe Jvck James is a truly underrated artist and deserves more recognition.

Currently signed by Sony Music/RCA, Jvck James has already had some great exposure within the industry by performing on the coveted COLORS platform and more recently performing on the UK Soul Cypher for BET and Soul Train Awards alongside other promising British R&B stars like Sinead Harnett and Hamzaa. “No Drama” will hopefully open him up to even more opportunities and be the start of a really promising year for him.

By Jack Shephard

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