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Hailing from St Louis, Missouri, Lani Rose is a singer-songwriter and producer whose music is on the rise within the music industry. Signed to Terrible Records, the young artist began releasing singles. The poetic music-maker, who released his first EP ''Permanent Beta'', boasts 215.9k monthly listeners via Spotify.

Being a multi-faceted artist in terms of genre, Lani has a way with his words that make his music stand out. One thing I find very special about the artist is that he is young, but his music is about pain; riddled with emotion and honesty. 'Permanent Beta,' an EP that bases itself around the topics of growth and finding one-self is real and raw.

My favourite song by the artist, 'Worth,' is definitely worth a listen. The emotive song with its deeply elegant yet passionate production take your breath away. Lani, who describes himself as an individual that struggles to express himself through communication, lays it all on the table with his songwriting. Being his way of expressing his emotions and thoughts, writing is where he lets his guard down. 'Colors we made' which is featured on 'Permanent Beta,' is one of his most vulnerable pieces to date. In his own words:

'Colors We Made is a first-person perspective showing the effects of narcissistic abuse. (Lyrics)- ''colors we made at the schoolyard, back in 2005'' - My grandmother was a big point of comfort for me in my adolescence. She passed away in 2005. ' - Lani

Coming from a background with little support in his music aspirations, he fills his music with candid lyricism. In Colors We Made, his words:

' Momma said, "Keep writing, boy, don't worry, you'll be fine"- My mother never said this. There was very little support in my music, and I actually wrote the line because it's what I wanted to hear. ' - Lani

Being a producer, the production found on his songs is unique, taking a look at Warm Blanket, the song is ever-evolving. From its dark , sinister beginning, the chorus falls under a gorgeous acoustic guitar, leaving his gritty yet breathy voice draping over it. To check out his music, click here.

By Kristin Hurst

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